Supported Employment Introduction

Supported Employment is a job placement and support service for people with the most significant disabilities to assist them in obtaining and keeping a job. The basic premise of supported employment is that all persons, no matter the severity of disability, have the ability and right to work.

Supported employment utilizes the “place-then-train” model, which is based on the concept that we learn best in the environment we are going to work in. Emphasis is placed on finding employment and then training the person to perform the tasks for that position in the actual work environment. The job and support needs are individualized, based on the choices, interests, skills and needs of the person with a disability.  The person is involved in the entire job development process and can give direction to their support and services.

This training answers the following questions about supported employment:

  1. What is Supported Employment?
  2. Who is it for?
  3. Why is it needed?
  4. How does Supported Employment work?
  5. Where can someone access services?

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