The Paths to Employment Resource Center

The Paths to Employment Resource Center (PERC) provides access to  training and resources to promote employment and full community participation for people with disabilities through cutting-edge technologies, evidence based practice and research. 

Using the most innovative training and technical assistance strategies, PERC addresses how employment can be achieved by people with disabilities and promotes a cohesive service system that encourages and enhances employment opportunities and overall quality of life. PERC focuses on the connections between work, financial stability and a person’s overall health. 

In collaboration with an inclusive and representative array of national, state, and local stakeholders, PERC actively works to promote a system that encourages and enhances employment and earning opportunities for people with disabilities.

Project Partners

The University of Wisconsin-Stout, Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute (SVRI); the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Department of Rehabilitation Psychology and Special Education; and Employment Resources, Inc. (ERI) in Madison, Wisconsin, partner to administer the center. This partnership is designed to capitalize on the strengths and resources of three highly reputable organizations with a long history of conducting cutting edge applied healthcare and employment research; providing training and technical assistance for healthcare, disability, and employment professionals; and providing effective disability and employment services for people with chronic illness and disabilities.

**PERC is funded by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services under a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, Medicaid Infrastructure Grant. DHS and the Pathways to Independence Project has a rich history of promoting innovative policy and practices specific to integrated community-based employment for individuals with disabilities.**